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DIY: Shovel AK - photo tsunami warning! Shovel AK, from an actual shit shovel
DIY: Chinese Sniper T53 righteously transformed into scoped, capitalist killing machine
PPSh (ППШ) build giga thread (you bet your a**, pictures!) Most glorious PPSh built in 9mm capitalist Luger cartridge
AK - my first build (rated R for gore, sexual situations and language) Romy-G, built
DIY: Tank, SU-76m (rated PG-2 ... lots of milk drinking and cartoon watching) 1/4 scale mobile artillery
DIY: Saiga 12 takedown from kit build (first US made! prima noctus Sayegus) First US kit built Saiga 12 in takedown configuration

Iron Glock

Iron Glock Glock 17/22 lower made from stamped steel
Iron Glock II - Natasha, I shrunk my Glock! Other versions of Glock made, in compact and subcompact sizes
My DIY Iron Glock Development history and the making of first Iron Glocks.
Race Glock – building bigger with Grey Poupon Custom race glock made with wood. Wood is polished. Glock shoots nice.
30 min DIY Glock, many of video Can Glock be made in only 30min? Series of vids totalling 30min shows the process in all the gory details.

Bearpup Trilogy

Bearpup Trilogy: I – Unexpected Shotgun (photo-calypse warning) DIY: RPG-7 ... from a shotgun
Bearpup Trilogy: II – Destruction of Slug (... with depleted yellow cake geranium) DIY: AT4 ...


DIY: $10 bump-fire AK stock Make your own bump-fire stock to glimpse the glory of AK full auto freedom
DIY, glorious Berdan (and Boxer too) deprimer … yes, there are pics. one DIY tool to deprime all that weird brass with weird primers
AK press - portable benchtop edition for all your AK building needs Build AKs on your benchtop with just one setup. Barrel movement and rivet crushing.
AK build - heat treating your receiver with vodka (picture fat) AK receivers heat-treated in the backyard with blood and other bodily fluids
AK – remove your worst barrel pin (pic heavy) Method and tools to remove the worst of barrel pins with ease


DIY Slug-o-Tron: barrel slugging machine Incredible machine to slug bores of manly calibers
DIY Slug-o-Tron: barrel slugging machine, now portable! Slugging setup is now portable!

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